The Restore Network

Faith Family Church partners with The Restore Network, a local organization committed to changing the culture of foster care so every child experiences healing. Check out the ways you can get involved.



At The Restore Network, we know that the thought of children hurting is unbearable to you. You may not be in a position to foster a child yourself, but you have to do something.

The Restore Network was created to help the church work together to respond to the needs of vulnerable children. We simply aren’t all called to foster, but we each have a part to play in the solution to a problem that we can solve. Providing critical support to foster families as a volunteer allows more of them to open their homes to the kids who need them.

As a volunteer, you make it possible for children to know that they are secure, loved, and wanted.

You can help children heal.




For more information on how Restore Network is changing the culture of foster care, visit their website below