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Preparing for Marriage

Thinking About Engagement or Marriage?

Thinking About Engagement or Marriage?

Faith Family Church is committed to helping couples build Christ-centered marriages that will stand the test of time, and leave a legacy to future generations. 

Pastoral Statement

Our Pastoral Goals:

• Assist in developing Godly and fulfilling marriages.

• Provide resources - Relationship assessment, books, skill training and mentoring.

• Build trust and support lifelines.

• Help ensure couples have realistic expectations.

Premarital Planning Process

•  There is no shortcut to building intimacy, trust, and communication. Due to the permanent nature of marriage, we ask couples to have had a minimum of a one-year dating relationship prior to marriage.

•  We strongly recommend you allow a minimum of six months to complete the Preparing for Marriage program.

Divorce & Remarriage

• We believe a new relationship should not be pursued until the potential of a healthy reconciliation has been exhausted and time for personal recovery has passed. 

• The Preparing for Marriage Program cannot begin until at least one year has passed from the time that the divorce was made legally final.


1. Complete and submit the application form with a $100 deposit.

2. After submitting the completed application, you will be contacted by a member of our pastoral care team with instructions for your next steps.

3. A wedding date can be discussed and penciled in but is not confirmed until ALL requirements are met. FFC reserves the right to decline the date if the requirements listed are not met. Compliance and readiness is subject to the senior pastor’s approval. FFC is not responsible for arrangements made before receiving final approval from the church. Request for a specific minister will depend on availability.

4. The couple will attend all Preparing for Marriage sessions. This process may take up to six months.


1. Both individuals must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, demonstrated by their commitment to living in accordance with scriptural principles. 

2. Their words and actions must confirm that they honor the biblical definition of marriage as being a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.

3. At least one individual must be a participating member of FFC and attending regularly for at least six months.

4. Both individuals must complete all sessions of the Preparing for Marriage program. 

Premarital Inquiry