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All you need to know about FFC Kids.

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9:00am + 11:00am [Masks Encouraged]

FFC Kids is up and running! Scroll down to learn more about what to expect.

We're so happy to welcome back our FFC kids! Classrooms are adapted and age groups blended to make sure we can safely and effectively care for all of our excited kids. Age groups are combined as follows:

  • Cry Room and Baby Cove // Parents can utilize the Cry Rooms and Baby Cove Nursery for their active or vocal newborns-24 months. The service is streamed into the rooms so you won't miss a thing.
  • Changing table available
  • Bring your own supplies and toys
  • Parent should remain with their child at all times

  • Newborns - 24 Months // Aquarium // 2nd Service Only
  • Parent/child check-in within the nursery
  • Bring your own diaper changing supplies

  • 2 - 4 Years // Family Park Room
  • No diaper changing – in the event of an urgent need, parents will be notified
  • Parents keep child's personal belongings (coats, hats, bags, etc.)

  • 5yrs - Grade 2 // Victory Theater
  • Parents keep child's personal belongings (coats, hats, bags, etc.)

  • Grades 3 - 5 // Fuel Room
  • Parents keep child's personal belongings (coats, hats, bags, etc.)